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brthersaskSpirituous Siblings

whisky tastingThis month’s featured hospitality professionals, Etienne and Kurt Schlechter have been brothers in booze for over 20 years.  Read more

Bascule’s Whisky Club continues to grow 14 years on…

With the largest collection of whisky in the Southern Hemisphere, Bascule is the premium whisky bar in Cape Town and the perfect place to experience more of ‘the water of life’.

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red vinyardThe Pinotage story

By Dave Hughes

Pinotage is the most successful grape developed in South Africa. s birth in the Spring of 1924 when that remarkable man Dr Isak Perold, the first Professor of Viticulture at the University of Stellenbosch crossed Hermitage, which we now call Cinsaut, with Pinot Noir.

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snow scene

Dropped: Heineken’s Social 
Experiment Where Only 
Legendary Travellers Need Apply

Are legends born, or made?  Premium beer brand Heineken® takes different men from across the world and drops them in remote global locations with nothing but the most basic of supplies and directions. Read more


JWALKER platinum